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Technology Driven Solutions
for Sustainable Environment & Maritime 


In a world plagued by maritime congestion, supply chain disruptions, and communication issues, Artana Solutions emerges as a beacon of change. We address the shortcomings of manual freight, port congestion, and ship brokering, introducing autonomous systems that not only optimize operations but also by democratizing shipping making easier for all the entities involved. With Artana Solutions, we're ushering in a new era of efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and progress in the maritime. 

Cargo Ship at the Port


Artana Solutions is a pioneering CleanTech and ShipTech startup, revolutionizing the maritime industry with "The Maritime Counselor," An Autonomous Ecosystem for End-to-End Maritime Operations. Navigating Innovation and democratizing the shipping industry

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Artana CleanTech & ShipTech  Solutions. "The Maritime Counselor" Navigating Innovation and  Democratizing Shipping 


Get to Know Us

Artana Maritime Solutions: The Maritime counselor is Autonomous Ecosystem for  End to End Maritime Operations that integrate shipping companies, terminals, shippers, supplier, land transport  and warehousing for an efficient and transparent multimodal transportation.  

Artana introduces a paradigm shift by amalgamating cutting-edge technology driven solutions that are not just efficient but revolutionary.

Our Services

At Artana Solutions, we are a CleanTech and ShipTech  startup offering  innovative solutions for transforming  your business in meeting both current and future demands.

Why the Maritime Counselor is unique 

The Maritime Counselor stands out due to its comprehensive approach to the maritime industry. Its uniqueness lies in offering integrated solutions that bridge the gaps between various sectors within the maritime domain. By integrating predictive analytics, holistic supply chain management, AI, and multi-modal network integration, it provides a cohesive platform that enhances operational efficiency, promotes sustainability, and facilitates better decision-making across the industry. This comprehensive integration distinguishes it from conventional, fragmented solutions in the maritime sector, paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient maritime ecosystem.

Onboard ship

Maritime Counselor

Holistic Solution

With the Maritime Counselor, our commitment lies in providing comprehensive solutions by seamlessly integrating touchpoints among shippers, shipping companies, suppliers, ports, trucks and warehouse. Our goal is to ensure unfettered communication and transparency throughout the supply chain."

with the IMO-Secretary-General Mr. Kitack Lim,  Ms. Carleen walker , Capt. Frederick Francis and Ms. Quay

Maritime Counselor

AI predictive Analytics 

The Maritime Counselor harnesses predictive analytics for diverse functionalities, including predictive maintenance and market demand forecasting. This comprehensive approach helps predict maintenance requirements, anticipate market demands, and ascertain market positioning. Through the integration of predictive analytics, our platform offers valuable foresight, enabling proactive decision-making and efficient resource utilization in the maritime industry.

With James Delgado

Maritime Counselor

Multi-Modal Network  Integration 

The Maritime Counselor focuses on multi-modal network integration by implementing automated processes that facilitate seamless connectivity between various transportation modes, such as ships, ports, trucks, and other logistical components. Through automation and integration, our platform streamlines operations, enhances communication, and optimizes logistical networks within the maritime industry, ensuring a more efficient and interconnected transportation system.

The Maritime Counselor Functionalities 

Maritime Counselor

Maritime Counselor Maritime Solutions

The Maritime counselor offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique requirements of the maritime industry. From vessel management to cargo tracking, our integrated platform ensures seamless operations and improved efficiency. Experience the benefits of automated processes, real-time data analytics, and streamlined communication. Enhance your maritime operations with our cutting-edge innovation -The Maritime Counselor

Maritime Counselor - AI

Maritime Counselor

Supply Chain Management

The Maritime Counselor ushers in a better efficiency in supply chain management is crucial for the success of any business. The Maritime Counselor, we offer advanced supply chain management solutions that optimize your processes and drive growth. The Maritime Counselor integrated platform enables end-to-end visibility, from procurement to delivery. With automated workflows and real-time tracking, you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with the Maritime Counselor 

Maritime Counselor ML

Maritime Counselor

Data Analytics

The Maritime Counselor, unlock the power of data with our advanced analytics and algorithm . The Maritime Counselor  cutting-edge innovation  analyze large volumes of data and extract valuable insights. From predictive analytics to data visualization, The Maritime counselor helps you make informed decisions and drive business growth. Harness the potential of data with the Maritime Counselor 

Our Team.

Team is a dynamic and well-rounded group of professionals with diverse expertise spanning various domains. Our team's collective experience includes backgrounds in shipping, finance, automation, public administration, international organization, sales and marketing, and big tech. This wide range of skills and knowledge empowers us to address complex challenges in the maritime industry, providing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and collaboration. With a deep understanding of both industry-specific and broader technological trends, our team is uniquely positioned to drive positive change and offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients and partners.

Our Happy Clients

One of our client is Taschenagentur Kramer GmbH


Innovative Technology  Driven Solutions

We use the latest technological solutions to ensure efficient and effective solutions that meet the rigorous demands of shipping industry in this era 

CleanTech & ShipTech Solutions

We standout with solutions.  And we offer holistic solutions that exceed the competition with the Maritime counselor 

Eco-Friendly Product

We promote sustainable solutions that are safe for both world and the maritime environment 

Holistic Solutions

We think of our client, client and we help our client satisfy the needs and demand of their client.

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