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In a world marred by port congestion, heavy truck traffic, supply chain disruptions, delays, and unpredictability. Are our employees tired, or stressed out by the fatigue of monotonous boring operations? Does an AI operational companion sounds like fun in work place ? Yes, the Maritime Counselor is an AI operational companion. The Maritime Counselor emerges as a harbinger of change. The Maritime Counselor addresses the challenges of delays, unpredictability, and port congestion amidst the backdrop of climate change. Shipowners, and port operators are not data analytic gurus, they just need their data presented in the simplest form and in a meaningful way. With other solutions out there that present data to shipowners, and  port operators in ways they find very difficult to understand and even a data analytic guru will struggle to make sense out these data .With the Maritime Counselor breaks the boredom in your operations and difficulty in data understanding and exchange. The Maritime Counselor- Chatup Counselor - present data in a simple conversational form (Chats) in any language. You can ask the Chatup Counselor about your operations, and even to execute an operation and the history of your operations and other things you need to know about your operations. The algorithm picks up even the tiniest data scattered all across your operations in which traditional data analytic tools would find impossible to do and make sense of or even completely ignore. Companies has vast amount of data, but don't know what to do and what to make of it. The Maritime Counselor turns your operational data into Chats saving you tons and other solutions out there are not even making in easier  with the way they present data  in complex statistical form. Further more you unlock the power of your own data and see deeper into your own operation like never before but not in a complex form, but in simple conversation form in a  natural language. Additional the Maritime Counselor detect disruptive patterns and anomalies in the supply chain. Over all reducing transit times, port congestion and delays through ship fit-to-port feature and predictive AI algorithms with an interactive approach. Our goal is to ensure seamless interconnectivity in the maritime ecosystem while advancing AI/ML and generative AI  technologies for the future of maritime operations. 

Cargo Ship at the Port


Turn your operational data into chats with the Maritime Couselor. Enhanced secured data exchange & data insight  between ships to shore. With the Maritime Counselor there is no need to fix any tracking device or make complex adjustments. Maritime Counselor -reducing delays, port congestions, unpredictability & C02.Tired of multiple software solutions in your company in which you can hardly keep track of how many software you have in your company and the multiple bill of fees. And yet its seems the design of these software solutions does not suit the character and peculiarity of your operations, but you manage it anyways, then welcome to the Maritime Counselor making green shipping for green supply chain happen. 

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 "The Maritime Counselor" Navigating Innovation


Get to Know Us

The Maritime Counselor is an Autonomous Ecosystem for  End-To-End Maritime Operations that integrate the aligning touchpoint in the operation of  shipping companies with ports, shippers, supplier, and trucks forming the ecosystem. And advance the operations with AI/ML and Gen AI.  


ShipTech startup offering  innovative solutions for transforming  your business in meeting both current and future demands. 

Why the Maritime Counselor is unique 

The Maritime Counselor stands out by  turning  operational data into chats and  integrating various sectors within maritime operations, unlike isolated conventional solutions. With the Counselor AI radar and counselor network connectivity addresses gaps in the industry. This approach reduces delays, port congestions, transit times, and unpredictability by optimizing ship fit to port and employing an interactive algorithm. By offering a cohesive platform, it enhances operational efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making across the maritime ecosystem. The integration of advanced technologies ensures real-time insights and data-driven solutions, improving overall performance and reducing inefficiencies. The Maritime Counselor's commitment to integration and innovation sets it apart as a leader in the maritime industry, driving towards a more interconnected and efficient future.

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Maritime Counselor

Counselor's Ecosystem

With the Maritime Counselor, our commitment is to provide ecosystem solutions by seamlessly integrating touchpoints among shippers, shipping companies, suppliers, ports, and trucks. Our goal is to ensure interconnectivity in the supply chain, advancing with AI and an interactive algorithm to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

with the IMO-Secretary-General Mr. Kitack Lim,  Ms. Carleen walker , Capt. Frederick Francis and Ms. Quay

Maritime Counselor

Counselor's AI Radar

The Maritime Counselor optimizes maritime operations through predictive analytics, AI-driven route optimization, and ship-port compatibility. Its interactive algorithm facilitates seamless data sharing among features, enhancing efficiency. Predictive analytics and AI identify bottlenecks, while ship fit to port analysis minimizes delays. This holistic approach ensures efficient ship-port interactions.

With James Delgado

Maritime Counselor

Counselor's Network 

The Maritime Counselor emphasizes inter-modal network integration, ensuring seamless connectivity between various stakeholders like ships, ports, trucks, and suppliers. Through automation and integration, the platform streamlines operations, breaking the chain of delays and bottlenecks caused by disjointed processes. This holistic approach enhances efficiency across the supply chain.

The Maritime Counselor

Maritime Counselor

Maritime Counselor  Advantage 

The Maritime Counselor provides a holistic suite of services meticulously crafted to meet the specialized needs of the maritime sector. Our primary focus is on mitigating transit delays, minimizing unpredictability, and optimizing operational efficiency. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we offer advanced inventory management solutions to streamline supply chain operations. Additionally, our innovative ship fit-to-port feature ensures seamless compatibility between vessels and ports, further enhancing efficiency and reducing turnaround times. Through these tailored offerings, The Maritime Counselor empowers shipping companies to navigate the complexities of maritime operations with confidence and precision.

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Maritime Counselor


Navigating through a sea of disparate software solutions akin to connecting incompatible platforms like Apple and Android proves cumbersome and inefficient. In stark contrast, Maritime Counselor presents a unified, calibrated system meticulously designed for user-centricity. Seamlessly integrating diverse functionalities, it offers a fully autonomous ecosystem. This streamlined approach eliminates complexities, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity, akin to steering a ship through calm waters with precision and ease.

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Maritime Counselor


Maritime Counselor boasts a robust dual database system, ensuring data redundancy and security, while its interactive algorithm facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among its features. Turns operational data to Chats and detecting disruptive patterns and anomalies in the supply chain. Additionally, its AI predictive capabilities continuously learn from data interactions, refining insights and enhancing operational efficiency. This dynamic synergy between the dual database, interactive algorithm, and AI predictive modules empowers Maritime Counselor to adapt, optimize, and innovate in real-time, providing unparalleled value to its users in the maritime industry.

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We use the latest technological solutions to ensure efficient and effective solutions that meet the rigorous demands of shipping industry in this era 

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We promote sustainable and adoptive  solutions for ships and ports 

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